Equipment of LandCruiser HJ61

IBS-LandCruiser HJ61
IBS-LandCruiser HJ61
Front of LandCruiser HJ61 with Venom LED Lightforce light
  • TJM Suspension HD + 300kg
  • with TJM S4000 XS shock absorber
  • Superior Engineering Extended HD Schackle rear + 2.5cm
  • TJM Prolocker locking diff at the front and rear
  • Snorkel
  • Extreme Air compressor with 7.5Lt additional tank
  • Front bumper with 24V warning winch
  • Lightforce Venom LED Driving Lights 24V
  • Lightforce LED Interior Light
  • Kaymar rear bumper with wheel and can stand
  • LRA 150Lt replacement tank
  • IBS DBM20A 24V / 12V DC / DC charger
  • IBS LiIon50Ah additional battery
  • EvaKool drawer refrigerator 40Lt
  • Sortimo installation system
  • Alpine Audio System
  • IBS Portable 120W solar system
  • TJM roof tent Boulia
  • TJM Awning 2m with side walls and TJM LED lighting
  • Coupler Tec electronic rust protection


LandCruiser HJ61 Camping1 with Boulia roof tent
LandCruiser HJ61 Camping2 with Boulia roof tent
LandCruiser HJ61 camping LED outdoor lighting
LandCruiser HJ61 Insertion of the LED strip
Land Cruiser HJ61 with Kaymar bumper
LandCruiser HJ61 with Sortimo EvaKool refrigerator
LandCruiser HJ61 with Sortimo installation system

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