J100-LandCruiser IFS

J100-LandCruiser IFS
coffee time in GB
coffee time in GB with open spare wheel carrier

TJM LC100:

Flyer: Flyer_LC100_e_1b.pdf

  • TJM T3 Classique bumper
  • TJM 12,000 rope winch with plastic rope 
  • TJM RB8 rear bumper with wheel carrier
  • TJM snorkel (Airtec)
  • TJM Heavy Duty suspension with XS shock absorber
  • IBS double battery system with DBM20A and IBS-DBS
  • IBS Lithium IBS-LiIon100 as board battery (100Ah)
  • IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 1600W
  • Pop-up roof with IBS SKK110 solar system
  • Webasto parking heater
  • TJM Pro Locker locking diff front and rear
  • LRA (LongRangeAutomotive) additional tank 150Lt
  • Lightforce HTX driving lights
  • Engel MT45 platinum on drawer
  • Portable IBS SK120 solar system
  • Kenwood Amateur Radio Station
  • Albrecht CB radio
  • Alpine audio system with subwoofer
  • Quickslide drawer system
  • Turbo with modified geometry
  • CouplerTec rust protection


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