J105 LandCruiser Coil

IBS LandCruiser exhibition 2010
IBS LandCruiser exhibition 2016.03.13

TJM HDJ 105 LandCruiser Coil

  • TJM T15 front bar with OX10'000 lbs winch
  • TJM Sidebars and Sidesteps
  • TJM RB8 Back Protection Bar with Dual wheel carrier
  • J100 Turbocharger with boostconverter
  • TJM Snorkel (Airtec)
  • TJM Heavy Duty suspension+6cm
  • TJM Series 4000 Heavy Duty Shock Absorber
  • IBS Dual Battery System DBM20A with IBS-DBS
  • IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 300W
  • TJM Pro Locker differential front & back
  • Lightforc XGS Driving lights
  • Engel MT35 fridge with IBS low battery protection LBP5
  • LRA aditional tank 155 lt
  • TJM marquise 2m
  • TJM tente de toit Yulara
  • 4 TJM TRED aides de traction
  • TJM Hilift Jack
  • TJM emergency kit
  • CouplerTec protection antirust
LC 105 Coil in Lake Sommerset AU Panorama