Abenteuer & Allrad 2018 Fair Bad Kissingen from 31. May - 3. June 2018 Stand E07

We have been at the fair in Bad Kissingen from May 31 to June 3 in the exhibition center Bad Kissingen, Kapellenstrasse 11, 97688 Bad Kissingen, Stand E07.
IBS & TJM exhibited some of their products together with Offroad Boehlen Thun, Switzerland.

Exposition Update:

The vehicles are ready for the Bad Kissingen Offroad Show:
Picture 175931

We are now offering the Flexopower solar kit SK120.

IBS offers new LiFeO3 with 100Ah and only 15kg incl. Integrated BMS.

Ultra flat solar cells for the roof with 105W and about 3.5kg (picture 180049)

At our stand we will exhibit 2 fully equipped vehicles: 1 LandCruiser HDJ100 and 1 Ford Ranger PX1 with the following equipment:
     TJM Fox Shock Absorber
     Lightforce HTX headlights
     Lightforce Genesis LED headlamp

We are looking forward to your visit.
Sunny greetings
Beat Wyss

Stand E07 Bad Kissingen view 1
023917 new Lightforce LED / HTX headlights
The vehicles are ready for the Bad Kissingen exhibition
Cellules solaires ultra plates pour le toit avec 105W et environ 3,5 kg
GenesisLED on Ford Ranger
Genesis HID on LandCruiser 150
HTX on LandCruiser 100
HTX illuminated double switch
Lance and LanceHID on Defender
383 HTX 80W LED and 70W HID switched on
393 HTX 80W LED and 70W HID switched on
Flexopower SK120 wit cabling and regulator