Solarkit Mobiles SK80M

Solar panel SK80M

The Solarkit SK80M is designed for the marine environment (built with the lightweight and compact MCF solar cells, 2xMCF40). The SK80M is equipped with the waterproof solar controller SunKeeper 6. The SM80M kit can be attached and used without additional precautions for any weather in the boat. The cable length can be from the panel to the battery 10m, 5m from SK80M and 5m of cable extension SO100011. Conventional controllers cannot be used for this application, since strong interference is caused by the long cable, malfunction can occur.

The solar kit can be optimally aligned to the sun for maximum yield.

The installation kit contains all the material that is needed to a simple and rapid installation


  • Rugged construction with carrying handles and lock.
  • Installation kit with 5m cable, terminals, and a waterproof connector system (IP65)
  • Waterproof solar controller SunKeeper-6 with cable lengths up to 10m.

Available accessories:

  • 5m extension cable order no: SO100011
  • Transport bag to Solarkit SK80M (in preparation) Order No. M300003

Data and information on solar kit SK80M:

Solarkit SK80M
Power 2x40Wp (mono crystalline)
Solar current@Voltage 4.7A/17V (nominal data. MPP)
Dimension 2x41x66x3.3cm
Weight 6.8kg
Solarregulator SunKeeper-6