Aeroklas Canopy

Aeroklas HiRoof Canopy RangerPX
Aeroklas RangerPX
Aeroklas WorkerBox installed

Aeroklas is the world-leading canopy manufacturer based in Bangkok and has 1600 employees.
The product selection for the pick-ups is versatile of canopies, bedliners, loader covers, and workboxes. The canopies are supplied directly in car paint, options are pop-up or pop-out windows, roof rack for 50kg, integration in central locking. The products are delivered for the popular vehicles: Hilux 2015+, Nissan Navara NP300, Ford Ranger PX1 and PX2, VW Amarok and many more.

The canopies can also be supplemented with the Bedliner and TJM Black Widow drawer system (with / without refrigerator extension plate), which are the perfect equipment for leisure and work.