Kaymar Bumpers (protection bars)

IBS LC150 with Kaymar Bumper
LC76 with twin wheel Carrier

Kaymar in Melbourne is offering for many 4WDs Rear bumper with wheel carrier and jerry can holder. The following designs are possible depending on type of vehicle:

1.      Wheel carrier on original rear bumper

2.      Wheel carrier receiving in original bumper (Land Cruiser 200 right and left)

3.      Rear bumper (replacement for original)

4.      Rear bumper with one or two wheel carriers

5.      Rear bumper with carrier and carrier canister

The Bumpers provide a rugged rear construction for the toughest load. On most vehicles, the back slope will be improved. Most rear bumpers
offer the installation of a trailer hitch on 4-head recording. The registration in the car papers by individual registration must be made at the Road Traffic Office.

Depending on the selected combination, the chassis must be reinforced. When installing tanks the wheel carrier is a low weight solution for easy installation on the original bumper.

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