Lightforce Driving Lights

Lightforce has been building high performance lights for rally, offroad, trucks, police and hunting for 35 years.

Earlier headlights (the classics like Lance, Striker, Blitz and XGT) are still available. Some of them are newly equipped with bulbs like HID of 35W-70W. Although all talk about LEDs, these long distance headlamps are still very important.

Newer models are the Genesis, which are available with halogen, HID and new in LED (light up to 1000m distance).

The latest products are based purely on LEDs such as GenesisLED, VenomLED and the light bars from 150mm to 1300mm (single or double row).

The most powerful product is the HTX headlamp (1768m beam) with 80W LED and 70W HID individually switchable.

Various accessories such as cable sets, switches and filter covers are available)

Lightforce HID240
HID240, full Driving Lights

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