Enforcer hand held device LED 3W 140mm Li-Ion Batt. on/off Cig Cord

Enforcer 3W LED 140mm Li-Ion Batt. Fresnell.

Order number: LF200001


The new Enforcer 140mm LED handheld device introduces Fresnel technology to the sporting market. The specially designed lens produces a tight beam for maximum light output and performance. The internal battery has a runtime of over 2-4 hours at full power depending on the model and you can even attach the clip on Enforcer battery to produce an extended runtime of up to 8 hours. Combined with a light weight ergonomic grip and an in built battery indicator the new LED Enforcer 140mm will provide the ultimate sporting experience. 

Now available in several variations, many of which can switch between colours:

The 3W beam will give you a tighter beam pattern and the 10W will give you a broader beam pattern. Both styles of light are fully focusable.

  • 3W LED white (CBEF140LED) - Tighter Spot Beam


  • 3 watt: 1 LUX @ 376m / 411yd
  • Fresnel reflector for maximum light output and performance
  • Fresnel lens is combined with an in built focusing mechanism that allows you to change from wide pattern to long distance spot
  • High density LUMILEDS LED
  • Gore® protective vent to protect against moisture and contaminant ingress
  • Built in battery that provides a 2-4hr runtime plus up to 1 hour of reserve mode of final charge @ 25 degrees
  • Maximum charge time being 2.5 hours
  • 3 year warranty (excluding internal battery)
  • RoHS compliant


  • Li-Ion 7.4V, 2Ah battery 14.8Wh
  • UN383 certification
  • Built in LED charge level and charging status indicators


  • Internal handheld battery will charge when connected to 12V DC power
  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Lightweight for convenient long term use at only 450 grams / 15.87 ounces
  • IP65 ingress protected – sealed from rain and dust
  • Colour temperature: 4000K
  • 80 CRI (Colour Rendering Index)

Enforcer hand held device 12V 50W HID 170mm 4200K Cig Cord

Enforcer 50W HID 170mm Cig. Cable

Order number: LF200002


Lifting your light to the next level, the Enforcer HID combines outstanding new generation HID performance with an integral ballast integrated within the moulded handle. Light weight and high power, the intense 4200K or 5000K bulb produces a crisp white beam in 50w or70w for blistering performance. The rugged and reliable HID lamp will withstand tough duty with reliable performance. Enforcer HID is available in 170mm and 240mm lamp options.


  • 50W HID, 1Lux@960m, ca. 4A
  • Parabolic reflector combined with in built focusing mechanism allows a beam from a wide pattern to a long distance spot
  • Coil cord with Merit plug for direct battery connection
  • 2 portable battery options available


  • Lightweight – for convenient long term use : 170mm = 820 grams, 240mm = 1130grams
  • IP65 ingress protected – sealed from rain and dust
  • Accurate parabolic reflector for maximum light output and performance


  • Enforcer HID Handheld Searchlight
  • Cig cord.

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