Lightforce Striker 12V 100W Xenophot D-Light 170mm pair

Striker 12V 100W Xenophot RMDL 170mm
Drawing and dimensions:
Wiring scematics:

Specifications: Lightforce Driving Light 12V, 100 W, Xenophot long life bulb, d=170mm, 350'000 candlepower output

Typ: RMDL170

Order Nr.: LF000002

  • High performance driving lights

  • 12 Volt Xenophot long life bulb

  • 2 bulbs per package

  • 100 Watt

  • 1 Lux @ 650m

  • Durably, lightweight, corrosions resistant

  • Gore Tex Membrane at the rear of the light

  • Dust proof

  • Water proof (1m)

  • Shatterproof and resistant to stone breakages and other impacts

  • Allowed for Off Road journeys only