TJM Airtec Snorkel

Airtec Snorkel

  • Fitting a TJM Airtec Snorkel means air supply is drawn from roof level providing cooler and cleaner air to the engine.
  • Because the air supply is drawn from roof level, dust is not as thick and plentiful in the engine bay or inner guard. This will help extend the life of the air cleaner element, reducing the wear of vital components.
  • With the sealed TJM Airtec Snorkel and sealed vehicle air box well above water level, you can expect worry free water crossings.
  • Rain water drops entering the air ram of a TJM designed Snorkel at any velocity will be captured on the back of the inside curved surface, pooled around the base of the air ram and dispersing through the drain holes.
  • The TJM designed air ram minimizes rain water ingress through the snorkel body.
  • Any minute rain water droplets that may find their way into the snorkel body will be atomised by the air filter.
  • Finally, the last line of defence is the original water drain in the air cleaner assembly


  • Airtec's intake design separates rain or moisture from the air stream before it enters the engine.
  • An optional pre-cleaner assembly is available for extreme dust operating environments.
  • The snorkel body is manufactured with a smooth inner wall allowing uninterrupted air flow to assist engine performance.
  • Moulded from high quality UV-resistant polyethylene for maximum strength and rigidity and incorporating stainless steel hardware.
  • A wide range fits most popular 4WD makes and models.
  • Easy installation minimising modifications to vehicle's original components.
  • Designed exclusively for TJM and supplied through the TJM Australia-wide and international sales and service network.
  • For the Swiss market, we offer a DTC reports, which allows the entry by the Road Traffic Office in the registration papers.
TJM IBS-tech LC105
Airtec Prado Sunrise

Airtec AirRam for Snow

Airtec AirRam for Snow
Airtec AirRam for Snow Detail

This new AirRam is specially designed for use in the snow to prevent the air intake from being blocked during heavy snowfall.

This can also be useful in vehicles in extreme use, water fountains flow past the AirRam without being directed into the downpipe.

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