TJM compressors

The new TJM InCarCompressor offers a lot of power and versatility.

With the 4 connection points on the tank, the compressor can be used as a limited-slip differential compressor as well as tire filling. For this, the accessory kit 013COMPAKN is needed, which offers various connections.

Two of the connection points are for the ProLocker valves, one for the pressure switch and the last for the pressure hose connection for tire filling.

The compressor kit contains:

  • compressor
  • pressure switch
  • Harness for ProLocker front and rear installation
  • Compressor main switch for dashboard
  • Air filter top
compressor 013COMPVHD
compressor kit 013COMPAKN

Technical data:

6x 1/8" BSPT (ProLocker Valve and Pressure Switch)
2x 1/4" BSPT (air connection for pressure hose)
1x 1/8" BSPT (protection valve)
86L/min (3.0 CFM) 0 bar
66L / min (2.3CFM) 2bar
Air tank: 0.23 L  
Cylinder: 48mm  
Cooling: air  
Voltage: 12V  
Current consumption 0 bar: 26A  
Current consumption 2bar / 29Psi: 32A  
Duty cycle: 100%  
Overload protection: integrated  
Air filter: 2 stages  
Pressure switch: on at 90psi, out at 120psi
Overtemperature shutdown: 105 ° C  
Pressure relief valve: 10.7bar 155Psi
Connection torque 1/8 "BSP: 15Nm  
Connection torque 1/4 "BSP: 20Nm  
Order number Compressor: 013COMPVHD  
Order number accessory bag: 013COMPAKN  
Kit COMPVHD view 1
Kit COMPVHD view 2
Kit COMPVHD view 3

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