TJM Recovery Material

TJM rescue material & order numbers

TJM Accessories list
Order Nr. Tensile force Max en kg Dimensions Weight Description Colour  
867OXS6000 6'000 50mm x 9 m 2 kg snatch strap green  
867OXS8000 8'000 60mm x 9 m 2 kg snatch strap yellow  
867OXS11000 11'000 75mm x 9 m 4 kg snatch strap orange  
867OXS15000 15'000 100mm x 8 m 11 kg snatch strap rouge  
867OXTREE8T 8'000 75mm x 3 m 1 kg Tree belt blue  
867OXTREE10T 10'000 75mm x 5m 2.2 kg Tree belt blue  
867OXW10M4T 4'000 10 m 3 kg Winch extension pink  
867OXW20M4T 4'000 20 m 4 kg Winch extension pink  
867OXW20M6T 6'000 20 m 5 kg Winch extension violet  
867OXSBLOCK 8'000 Pulley Size 98 mm 3.21 kg Snatch block    
867OXSBLOCKHD 10'000   3.23 kg Snatch block    
867TJMRHITCH 4'750   3.4 kg Recovery hitch with shackle    
867BRTJM9S 21.3t 9mm 100g soft shackles Diametre 15 cm  
867OXBOW19S 4'750 19 x 22 mm 2 kg Shakle big    
867OXBOW16S 3'250 16 x 19 mm 1 kg Shakle small    
867TJMBLKJACK 1'000 1117 mm 15 kg TJM recovery jack    

TJM Snatch Strap

Recovery straps (snatch strap)

The use of elastic Snatch Straps is an important and very effective tool.

A fixed vehicle can simply be freed from the vehicle by the transmitted impulse, which works in sand, mud or snow.

Caution is advisable with inexpensive belts, as these can tear under the existing load and damage the vehicle and injure people. In any case, all those who are not involved in the salvage involved must be at a safe distance.

In order to be able to carry out this form of salvage safely, only "snatch straps" which are used for this purpose with the correct load value may be used. 8000kg is sufficient for off-road vehicles, 6000kg for SUVs, 11000kg and 15000kg are for heavy vehicles and machines.

Characteristics of the legendary Snatch Strap

     100% high tensile nylon fabric
     20% elasticity
     Copper reinforced attachments
     Thermofixed for long life
     Double Neoprene Protective Cover
     Highly visible colors
     Each belt is provided with serial number for quality assurance.


TJM Elastic recovery strap 50mm x 9m (6'000kg) green
TJM Elastic recovery belt 60mm x 9m (8'000kg) yellow
TJM Elastic recovery belt 75mm x 9m (11'000kg) orange
TJM Elastic recovery strap 100mm x 8m (15'000kg) red


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TJM Winch Extension Straps

The extension straps expand the range of use of cable winches and are available in various lengths and thicknesses. A special function is the tree belt, which is used as anchor in trees.
These straps are not elastic and can not be used to recover the elastic "snatch strap".

Specifications Winch extension:

  • Width: 60mm
  • Copper-reinforced ends and seams
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Elasticity: none

TJM winches Extension straps 10 meters 4000 kg pink
TJM winches Extension straps 20 meters 4000 kg pink
TJM winches Extension straps 20 meters 6000kg violet


TJM Tree Trunk Protector


Width: 75mm
Reinforced ends and seams   
Material: 100% polyester
Elasticity: none

Tree belt 75mm x 3m (8'000kg) blue
Tree belt 75mm x 5m (10'000kg) blue


TJM soft shackles

867BRTJM9S Soft Schäckel

The new TJM Soft shackle with vinyl coating is the ideal accessory for recovery. Thanks to the two-strand technology, the shackle offers extreme load values of 21.3t breaking load.

The shackle is opened and closed with the rubber sliding ring, which guarantees easy handling. With the soft shackle, recovery straps can be connected, winch ropes extended, pulleys attached and tree straps attached. The very high breaking load guarantees safe use even in the limit area:

Technical specifications

Material: HMPE
Breaking load: 21.3t (47'000LB)
Strand thickness: 9mm
Diameter: 15 cm
Coating: vinyl
Weight: 100g

TJM certified shackles

TJM "BOW" shackle

  • Guaranteed resilience and powder coated in yellow.

876OXBOW16S: "Bow" 16x19mm - 3'250 kg

876OXBOW19S: "Bow" 19x22mm - 4'750 kg


TJM Recovery Hitch

  • 4'750kg
  • Colour: cinc
  • livered with 19mm "Bow" Shackle: No. 876OXBOW19S
  • Material: Mid steel hitch with forged steel bow shackle
  • Weight: 3 kg

TJM Recovery Hitch: No.867TJMRHITCH

TJM Recovery Hitch
TJM Recovery Hitch installed

TJM Snatch Blocks


Deflection pulleys are designed for double the value of the cable winch and allow the train to move if the rope can not be used directly. In addition, the deflection pulley can be used to double the pull and halve the tensile load on the pulleys, available in 8t and 10t.

An 8'000/10'000kg rated working load limit snatch block complete with greaseable nipple for smooth and trouble free operation. Powder coated for complete corrosion resistance.

 Order Nr.: 867OXSBLOCK  OX-Snatch Block 8'000 kg

 Order Nr.: 867OXSBLOCKHD  OX-Snatch Block 10'000 kg


Hi Lift Jack LC100 back bumper
Detail Hi Lift Jack
Detail base plate of Hi Lift Jack
Detail Hi Lift Jack

TJM HI-Lift Jack car lift

The TJM Recovery Jack is one of the most versatile items of recovery equipment. It provides a means of lifting the vehicle to aid recovery and fits directly into TJM’s unique T-Slot recovery points featured on TJM Steel bullbars.
In emergency situations it can also be used to remove the vehicle from an impending obstacle by attaching a cable at each end and using it like a hand winch.


  • Working load limit: 1000kg (2200lb)
  • Height Raised: 1120mm (44 inches)
  • Height Lowered: 150mm (6 inches)
  • Fits directly into the TJM Bullbars unique T-Slot Recovery Points without the need of additional attachments
  • Cast column jacking mechanism
  • Unique rubber jack keeper
  • Comes with own recovery jack bag
  • Length: 125cm
Hi Lift Jack in action
Manfred in action

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