TJM S4000 XS / XT shock absorber

TJM XGS S4000 Strut front (LandCruiser 150 Series)
TJM XGS S4000 Rear suspension (LandCruiser 150 Series)

The TJM Series 4000 Shock Absorbers and Struts are designed for heavy loads on corrugated tracks or tackling difficult off-road terrain. Depending on the vehicle weight, the XS or XT shock absorber version can be selected for heavy vehicles. TJM Series 4000 Shock Absorbers significantly improve handling compared to original shock absorbers; The swaying inclination, on road and terrain as well as heavy payload or trailer operation is greatly improved.

Technical characteristics

  • nitrogen gas filling N2
  • Double-walled construction
  • Piston rod 20mm
  • Larger oil volume for better cooling
  • Special Teflon high pressure seals for higher longevity
  • Secial heavy duty bushes (TJM special development)
  • Unique multi-height adjustable spring plate for spring struts
  • Optionally available stone guard for the rear
  • XS for standard vehicles chassis raised, HD and EHD
  • XT for heavy vehicles Chassis HD, EHD and EHD +

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