TJM Suspensions

For more than 40 years, TJM has been a leading manufacturer of 4WD four wheel drive suspensions systems in Australia. The suspension components are manufactured in Thailand in own TJM plants. Over this time, TJM has acquired valuable expertise in the design, testing, manufacture and installation of landing gears for the propulsion of 4WD vehicles and light commercial vehicles. A matter of course is the rigorous testing of XGS components on vehicles under heavy load when driving on Fraser Island, in the immensity of the Simpson Desert, the Cape York, the Canning Stock Route and the High Country of Victoria. The TJM XGS 4WD four wheel drive suspensions also excel in the very high loads in deserts like the Sahara, Empty Quarter (Saudi Arabia) or Dash De Lut (Persia). Many customers are unlikely to encounter such extreme conditions as they were so rough and hard during our tests, but it is important to know that TJM XGS 4WD four wheel drive suspensions are designed and manufactured to handle the most severe loads encountered in vehicles worldwide. We believe that the results speak for themselves. XGS 4WD four wheel drive suspensions offer the highest ride quality and driving stability, high possible payload, improvements in pulling trailers. This gives a high level of safety, more comfort when driving with the 4WD. Whether you only attach shock absorbers, install XGS springs or a complete XGS suspension, you immediately feel an improvement in the handling of the vehicle but also in trailer operation. That's why choosing a TJM XGS suspension is a smart choice for the 4WD rider, who wants the best performance on the road or off-road.

Four reasons for installing an XGS 4WD suspension

  • Improvement of the road situation and damping of unevenness
    Sufficient ground clearance and the wheel suspensions are critical sizes for 4WD vehicles, which justify the installation of an XGS suspension. The suspension thus retains the necessary travel and the XGS shock absorbers reduce the spring vibrations, so that the wheels keep the ground contact.

  • Improves ride comfort and handling of the vehicle
    The incorporation of XGS springs and shocks significantly improves ride comfort and handling, loaded and unloaded on the road, runway and off-road.
  • Improved handling when heavily loaded or when towing a trailer

    Supports driving in heavy payload or pulling trailers without sacrificing good ride comfort.
  • Safer driving

    A well-designed and tuned chassis provides the highest level of vehicle safety for drivers, passengers and other road users.


XGS Suspension lineal and progressive rate coils are manufactured to TJM’s exacting specifications on computer controlled coiling machines, then shot peened, load tested and powder coated. Designed to provide a smooth comfortable ride when the vehicle is unladen and improved stability and load carrying ability when the vehicle is loaded. Choose from standard height, raised or extra heavy duty hi-lift kits with XGS Coil Springs.


Leaf springs are considered by some to be harsh riding, and often sag with age or when under constant load. XGS resolves these problems with heavy duty springs of multi-leaf design. Australian made, using high grade BHP steel, each spring is pre-stressed to eliminate the possibility of sagging. These springs are available in either medium or heavy duty load carrying capacities.


XGS U-Bolts are matched in length to the increased stack height of the XGS Leaf Spring range and should be used when installing XGS Leaf Springs.





XGS Polyurethane Bushes are a high grade component manufactured specifically for 4WD applications and offer a far longer life than rubber bushes.




Avilable for most leaf spring vehicles, XGS Greaseable Spring Hangers are heavy duty components, made to exacting tolerences and nickel plated for lonf service life.


Torsion bars are the spring design used on the front of many two and four wheel drive vehicles. While providing excellent ride quality, some vehicles fitted with torsion bars may suffer in their ability to carry loads, and nose-dive under braking which results in loss of ground clearance. XGS front torsion bars are available as an upgrade to improve a vehicle’s load carrying ability and stability. XGS heavy duty torsion bars are usually supplied in larger diameter than the original unit, increasing spring rate which ensures ride height ismaintained and vehicle handling both on and off road is improved.


An ideal replacement for the original damper when worn out or damaged. Available in 35 mm, with improved quality components, larger piston and bore diameters and up to 100% increase in oil capacity over most original units. This 35 mm big bore steering damper offers awesome control in harsh conditions, but is available for a limited range of vehicles only. This damper this unit is installed in place of the original damper.


Adjustable Panhard Rods are used when a vehicles suspension is raised to re-centre the differential and balance the vehicle back to original specifications


Designed to eradicate vague steering feel and vehicle wander due to incorrect castor angles.

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TJM S4000 Helical spring suspension in use (LandCruiser 150 Series)
TJM S4000 Leaf spring suspension in use (LandCruiser 60 Series)
TJM Fox Helical spring suspension in use (Nissan Patrol Y61)
TJM XGS S4000 Strut front (LandCruiser 150 Series)
TJM XGS S4000 Rear suspension (LandCruiser 150 Series)