TJM TRED aide de traction

Overview TRED
TRED near IBS LandCruiser 150


TRED is the ultimate traction aid to en vehicle (4x4 or SUV) from an awkward situation: to salvage from sand, mud or snow.

TRED is manufactured in Australia and offers robust construction. Integrated blade function, rugged, abrasion-resistant knobs and high reinforced sidewalls help with most rescue tasks.

The transport bags available optionally are used to store clean soiled TRED. The length of TRED rail is 1.10 meters.

The following TRED and accessoires are available:

867TRED11YTJM, 1.1 m length, TJM yellow


867TRED11BK, 1.1 m length, black


867TREDBAG11, Transportbag for 1pair of 1.1 m TRED

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Transport bag for TRED
TRED with knobs & stiffening channels
rescue in sand