TRED Pro green
TRED Pro red

TRED Pro are the ultimate traction aids and offer the best function in hard gait.

In addition to the functions of the new TRED GT and TRED HD, there are the "hardened plastic knobs" which significantly increase the stability when moving up and down the traction aid even in difficult recovery operations.

The TRED Pro offer optional traction in snow, sand and mud.

Shoveling is often not the right way to free a vehicle. Already 2 TREDs help to free yourself from a predicament. If there are 4 TREDs, recovery is even easier.
It is important to ensure that the area of ​​the starting wedge is placed under the wheel as well as possible so that the knobs can grip. Throttle as little as possible to keep the wheels on the TREDs to a minimum.


Technical details:

  • Patented non-slip profile to anchor yourself firmly in the tire profile
  • Consists of two-component composite construction of the knobs for durability
  • Progressive knob profile to optimally design the handle
  • Fits on existing TRED and Maxtrax assemblies
  • Flat profile to take up little space
  • Year-round use guaranteed over a wide temperature range
  • Two-tone color design of base material and knobs
  • Improved bucket function and simplified portability
  • New design of the approach wedge
  • Made in Australia

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