TRED accessories

Various accessories are available for the TREDs, the TRED mounting brackets enable reliable mounting on the vehicle or roof rack. All mounting brackets are robust and can be locked.

867TRED11MK is built for the TRED1100 and is a robust metal construction.

867TREDPROMK is the new universal bracket with plastic plate, metal grub screws and 2 lockable quick release mounting pins, this bracket fits all TREDs such as TRED1100, HD, GT and Pro.

TRED HD GT mounted on roof racks with TRED Pro bracket
TRED1100 bracket with screw mounting
TRED1100 bracket with cable ties
TRED1100 bracket with detailed view
TRED Pro bracket with mounting screws
TRED Pro bracket with cable ties
TRED1100 holder with packaging
Transport bag for TRED1100
TRED Pro mounting bracket packaging
Transport bag for TRED Pro, HD, GT

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Article numbers

867TRED11MK: mounting bracket for TRED1100

867TREDPROMK: mounting bracket for TRED1100, HD, GT, Pro

867TREDBAG11: Transport bag for TRED1100

867TPBAG: Transport bag for TRED, HD, GT, Pro