"FLEXITANK" a flexible water tank

These flexible water tanks from Australia are best suitably for the Offroad employment with highest mechanical load. These tanks are just as well suitable also for Mobilhome, boats, employment at welfare organizations, farm range and the fire-brigade.

The smell-neutral tanks are in the best way suitable, where space is limited. The empty tanks can be easily rolled up and stowed away. As transportation space the floor space behind the front seats is suitable, or the loading area behind the back bank, or the loading area (inclusive Pickup) or the porter.  

For various 4WD’s tanks for the sheeting are available in the rear side panels and make possible a space-saving firm installation.

Flexitank for J100
Different makes of Flexitanks

Our offer:

Order-Nr. Article Capacity Designation Dimension
FT000001 PW35 35 Lt Universell 140x33x16 cm*
FT000002 PW55 55 Lt Universell 140x40x16 cm*
FT000003 PW75 75 Lt Universell 140x50x17 cm*
FT000010 PWS60 20 Lt LandCruiser J6 88x40x11 cm
FT000011 PWS80 25 Lt LandCruiser J8 103x52x11 cm
FT000012 PWS100 25 Lt LandCruiser J10 103x52x11 cm
FT000013 PWS120P 20 Lt LandCruiser J12 84x52x11 cm
FT000014 PWGU 20 Lt Nissan Patrol Y61 96x33x11 cm
FT000015 PWNMP 90 Lt Pajero, Unterboden 85x50x23 cm*

* 7cm must be added because of the filler necks dimension.

Flexitank 35 lt Tank Car1
Detail Flexitank Car 2

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